Customer Reviews

Dariel Luscombe

I cannot recommend this store enough. The employees are helpful and kind and you can tell they love where they work! They always have great stock for a wide range of styles! Definitely my go-to place for fun and stylish work clothes heading back into the office :)

Emily MacKew

Great boutique. I was looking for French dressing jeans and they had them in stock. The sales lady was lovely and super helpful. Sure beats the box stores. Love local shops like this!

Abrahm Clydesdale

This store is so wonderful. The service was amazing, and the sales person knew exactly how to make a plus size customer feel comfortable (and excited) about her purchases!

Lois Thompson

The staff are amazing! This is my "go to" place to buy clothes. They are honest about how items looks and have great suggestions. I have my favourite labels and recently ordered 5 tops over the phone. Jackie had my order ready for me to pick up at the door.
Wish I could give 6 stars!

Marie Stevenson

Thanks for the fast great service from you. Just wanted you to know that I picked up my new sweater & jeans today & they both fit - & look perfect together! I wasn't worried about the sweater but I thought maybe the jeans wouldn't be right (maybe I'd changed & my old jeans were no longer the correct 4P?) But no, I slipped into these new jeans like butter & now, I just have to wash them to be 100% sure. They seem exactly right.

Bev Ashforth

What a great shop! My daughter and I broke out after 2 months of Isolation to visit our favourite clothing store. We felt so comfortable with the precautions in place and the staff were just wonderful. They even had their signature gumdrops individually packaged for customer treats.


Great place to go for casual and slightly more dressy outfits for women 40 and up. Prices are very reasonable and the service is wonderful. A refreshing change of pace and selection from going to the mall. It's not what you would find everywhere else. It's even better when people ask me "I love that outfit! Where did you get it?"

Helmut and Renate Werneburg

My favourite fashion store in Victoria. Highly recommend visiting them - expert advice, mostly Canadian designers, unique and fun styles, and no sales pressure. What more could one want. Thank you, Just for You Fashion.

Kristal Busby

Jackie and her staff have been so very helpful. It's my go to place for when I want something nice and a little advice. :)