Covid-19 Work Safe Protocols

1. Mask Wearing: Until mass vaccination level is reached, it is suggested that personal protective measures like mask-wearing remains important.
2. A hand sanitizer sits at the front entry for everyone’s use upon arrival.
3. All staff members sanitize and wash their hands regularly.
4. Safe social distancing is adhered to by all staff in the store.
5. There is frequent cleaning of every aspect of the store, including all the outside and inside door handles, credit card terminal, phones, and counter tops
6. There is additional air circulation in the store.
7. A plexiglass screen has been installed at the cash register.
8. We have upgraded our credit card machine to utilize tap with the allowable maximum set at $250.00.
9. Any staff member who is feeling unwell will not be at work until they are back to their normal chipper self and feeling healthy again.