From Dowdy to Ravishing

Article by Doreen Gee - Writing Impacts

In some women's fashion aisles, the lights get progressively dimmer and the clothes increasingly hideous with advancing age. Mature women have to choose between the dubious allure of shapeless sacks or stuffing themselves into spandex micro-wear for toothpick bodies casting no shadow. It is 'slim-pickins' (no pun intended) between those extremes for the older woman who still yearns to dazzle and turn heads. Just for You Fashions targets that important 45-plus market with beautiful attractive clothes that refuse to sacrifice fashion and style in their mature designs. After all, women can be ravishing at any age.

Just for You Fashions respects and honours mature women. Their clothes radiate a game-changing message: Older women deserve to savour the joy of fashionable and stylish clothes just as much as their twenty-something counterparts. The beautiful woman's wear at Just for You Fashions prove that age and beauty are not diametrically opposed. 'Older' can still be 'sexy and desirable.' In many ways clothes define us. In her book, “Mind What You Wear”, author Karen Pine theorizes that stunning clothes transform us in positive ways, polishing our reflection in the world's mirror.  At Just for You, the fashions make older women feel and look unforgettable.  

The staff at Just for You Fashions strive to make their customers happy by bringing in designs that women want: “Our suppliers were specifically selected because they offer a set of features our customers value.” At the boutique, women are treated like they are worth the time and effort to make them stand out from the crowd: “We often bring in only one of each size so you know your item is as unique as you are.” Their one-of-a-kind fashions trigger a sense of awe and wonder: “Wow, where did you get that?” When it comes to treasured clientele, the sky is the limit: “We take the needs and wants of our customers into account when buying and offer clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.”

A 65-year-old customer, I whole-heartedly concur with the boutique's website references to a “dazzling array” of clothes with a “casual elegance.” My first impression of the clothes at Just For You Fashions was absolute delight and excitement. The stunning fashions jumped off the racks with bold vibrant colours and exquisite designs. In fact, I rarely find this kind of premium quality and sophistication at a regular boutique; they usually line the walls of high-end fashion oases for well-heeled divas. The prices at Just For You Fashions are amazingly affordable. Here you can actually get champagne on a beer-budget.

For me, the overriding joy factor of Just For You is that now I do not have to look 65. Walking into the shop, I was not instantly flattened by demure, matronly styles for the unassuming older gal. No, I was thrilled by lively colours, sizzling styles and beautifully crafted designs. The clothes at Just For You Fashions scream 'vivacious and energetic with youthful pizazz.'

Thanks to Dylan Thomas, I refuse to “gently” submit to the years on the calendar. When it comes to fashion, I will go down fighting. And with the posh apparel from Just For You Fashions, I can still be utterly ravishing.



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